When I write, I tend to use a lot of lists. In Markdown, inserting a line break at the end of each list item requires that the line end with two or more spaces. Otherwise this:

- Milk
- Eggs
- Butter

becomes something like this:

Groceries - Milk - Eggs - Butter

For whatever reason, I just cannot seem to form the muscle memory to add the necessary spaces at the end of a list item when I write. Brett Terpstra has a great set of Markdown Service Tools that make fixing this sort of thing easy on the Mac. Just highlight the text, choose Brett's Preserve Line Breaks Service from the Services menu and you are all set.

The problem is that there is no equivalent of Services on iOS. Worse yet, if you have iOS set to substitute a double tap on the space button with a period, trying to add a Markdown line break can be maddening. Instead of two quick taps on the space button followed by the return button, you get a period, which then requires two taps on the delete button to remove the period followed by two slow, deliberate taps on the space button to avoid inserting another period. Mess it up and you have to start all over again.

With Ole Moritz's iOS text editor, Editorial, it is easy to create a workflow that preserves line breaks by combining just four of Editorial's built-in actions:


The first action of the workflow grabs all of the text in the document. The "Prefix/Suffix Lines" component, handles the Markdown syntax for line breaks by appending three spaces to the end of each line. The final two actions simply select all of the text in the document and replaces it with the line break-preserved text. You can grab my Preserve Line Breaks workflow here

If you are looking for other ways to automate your writing, be sure to check out the Editorial Workflow directory. Another great reference is Federico Viticci's Writing on the iPad: Text Automation with Editorial, which includes great workflows for writers.