I co-host Ruminate with Robb Lewis. Ruminate is a bi-weekly podcast about whatever happens to be on our minds. Usually that means Apple, other tech topics and food. 

MacVoices #16168: The MacJury Creates Their Ultimate Streaming Music Service

I joined host Chuck Joiner and Peter Cohen to compare and contrast streaming music services picking and choosing which features we would include if we were building one streaming service to rule them all.

Mac Power Users #335: Workflows with John Voorhees

David Sparks and Katie Floyd interviewed me about how I juggle a busy day job and writing at MacStories. We cover text editors, automation, image editing, moving between macOS and iOS, and a whole lot more.

Inquisitive #34-36: Behind the App

In the Spring of 2015, just as I was preparing to launch Blink, Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, interviewed me for his special 11-episode mini-series on independent app developers and  the iOS app ecosystem. 

Systematic #82


Brett Terpstra interviewed me for Episode 82 of Systematic. We talked about some of our favorite iOS games, parallels between law and programming, iOS development and a wide assortment of picks. I had a terrific time chatting with Brett. You can listen below or download the episode and check out links to everything we discussed here